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Make Manufacturer Photo/More Info
Leyland Comet Dinky Toys #418 Here
Leyland with Trailer Dinky Toys Here
Leyland Matchbox Here
Austin Tow Truck Dinky Toys Here
Tow Truck and Trailer Dinky Toys / Corgi Toys Here
Army Lorry Dinky Toys Here
Army Personnel Carryer Dinky Supertoys Here
Army Tow Truck Dinky Supertoys Here
Army Armored Vehicle Dinky Toys Here
Army Jeep Corgi Toys Here
Army Ammo Cart Corgi Toys Here
Army VW Kubelwagen Corgi Toys Here
Army Scout Car Dinky Toys #673 Here
Army Hummer Maisto Here
White Coal Truck Unknown Here
Guy Dinky Supertoys Here
Foden with Chains Dinky Supertoys #905 Here
Pipe Truck Matchbox Here
Army Red Cross Truck Corgi Toys Here